November, 1st
Overtrace completed update for RapidProtoCasting web site. RapidProtoCasting is expert in high strength dimensional metal prototypes with all the engineered features, operating capabilities, appearance and performance of cast, machined, forged, MIM, stamped or EDMed parts.

October, 1st
Overtrace started in-house software products development. Our first product will be pretty unique graphics design automation sofware.

March, 15th
Overtrace completed system integation project for Interstate Mutual Mortgage and Loans.

OVERTRACE LLC is a privately-owned software development company located in Beaverton, Oregon.
We do software application development, web sites development and system integration.
We stay current with latest technologies, use agile and other new project management and software development approaches where appropriate.
Software product development is our thing and we do it with lots of energy. We will deliver your software products quickly and incrementally so that they start generating revenue early. We are really motivated by creating value for your business by delivering high-quality products that enable you to compete on the basis of speed and achieve commercial success. Our focus on delivery is unrelenting. Our focus on business value is resolute. And our focus on quality is uncompromising.
We do things differently. We combine discipline, accountability, and speed with business acumen and awareness. Our work is driven by our values and principles. Our approach brings out the best in people and inspires them to be even better. We're not techies concerned solely with technical things. We understand people, projects and process. We're concerned with everything it takes to ship product.

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